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Series 2 Mug Boxed

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Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Series 2 Mug featuring many of the classic quotes, one liners and other iconic items, names and places. We couldn't make a Series 2 Mug without featuring the lads names on it too! Inspired by the quotes, locations and many other iconic items from this classic first series.

From 'Back With The Boys', 'Ally Fraser', 'Waterfall', Erasmus Mk 2', 'Aga Bloody Doo' and many many more!

A minimum of 10% of proceeds from all sales goes to the Sunday For Sammy Trust based in the North East of England. Charity Number: 1144531

© The Official Logo Copyright Franc Roddam. This exclusive Auf Wiedersehen, Pet design is copyright of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 2015.