Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Mugs

Official Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Mugs.

Our Series 1 & 2 Boxed Collectors Mugs featuring many of the ultimate quotes, locations, characters and iconic items as featured in the classic series. From 'Bollocks' to 'Ally Fraser' 'The Barley Mow' and so many more. Presented in a collectors box, and shipped the same day...!

Our Breakin' Away Mug & Coaster set was launched in late 2016 and became a huge overnight hit! Presented in a collectors box, this Mug & Coaster set is a best seller and loved around the world by fans.

Our very first mug has seen a return in 2017, the iconic 'Howay Kettle' Boxed Mug features one of Oz's finest quotes and comes in a collectors box. June 2017 see's the launch of the 'Howay Kettle' coaster in Black & White colours to match the Geordies favourite team! 

All mugs are shipped the same day Mon-Fri.