Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

Neville & Lotte Temporary Tattoo - Who’s Lotte?

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This purchase includes 2 temporary tattoos.

Series 1, episode 1, ‘If I was a Carpenter’ ended when a hungover Neville Hope exposed a brand-new tattoo having underestimated the strength of German beer following his first night out in Düsseldorf with the lads.

Well our design team have recreated this ‘very handsome piece of work’ to celebrate your favourite comedy / drama in a special Limited Edition print run! 

Application is easy; cut out your tattoo, remove the protective top sheet, press onto skin and dampen. Leave for 30 seconds then slide off the backing paper before patting dry! But don’t worry, unlike Neville’s tattoo, ours are temporary and simply require soap, warm water and a touch of elbow grease meaning your Mrs need never know!

Our temporary tattoos are skin safe and non-toxic.

Grab your Limited-Edition Neville & Lotte tattoo now whilst stocks last and check out our Neville Hope Signature Series tee-shirt which perfectly complements the range.

A minimum of 10% of proceeds from all sales goes to the Sunday For Sammy Trust based in the North East of England. Charity Number: 1144531 This exclusive Auf Wiedersehen, Pet design is copyright of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 2016.