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Classic White T-Shirt!

The Classic White T-Shirt is the latest addition to the Shop!

Many fans asked for a simple white T-Shirt featuring the Official and original logo as seen in Series 1 & 2. It's simple, sleek, high quality and you all seem to love it! 

When we create merchandise for the shop, we always look at feed back from fans, and build our designs around what fans want. We are always working on new lines, and in 2015, we hope to launch more products than ever before. When we look back at our original release, the 'Scanda Sauna' T-Shirt we see how far we have moved on. We will be releasing more 'Company' products that featured in the Series later this year!

If you'd like to get in touch, just visit the Fansite and use the Contact Us link. We always like to hear from fans and your feedback is what strives us on to create the products you love.

Visit the Shop now to get yours.