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Geordie T Shirt from Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

Lee Barratt Auf Wiedersehen Pet Geordie Geordie TShirt Newcastle Newcastle Upon Tyne T-Shirt tee tshirt

Geordie T Shirt from Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

The feedback for our Oz Geordie T Shirt is still coming in, 12 months after launch! Back in mid 2016, we launched the Oz Geordie T Shirt, it quickly became the shops best selling item within days, and has continued to be sold all around the world, from Newcastle to Australia, USA, New Zealand and beyond....! A simple quote from the most watched episode ever of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet has become world famous for hitting the nail on the head, pun intended! Jimmy Nail's character of Oz, says goodbye to his son in Newcastle has become famous for it's simplicity...

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