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The Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Newsletter!

The Official Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Newsletter is the first and foremost place to find out what's happening in the world of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet!

It might be over 30 years since the show began and 12 years since it ended, but that does not mean nothing is happening! The informative Newsletter puts together news, articles, pictures, competitions, videos, Official Merchandise and so much more! We have reached out to thousands of fans worldwide with our Newsletters and they as still as popular as ever. 

In our latest, we brought you 'Fans best wishes to Tim Healy', 'The 2016 Sunday For Sammy DVD Preview', 'We launch our Wayne Winston Norris T-Shirt', 'An interview with Gary Holton from 1984' and ‘DHB?, thats the district of Düsseldorf isn’t it?.....”

We never stop searching and digging out news and staying in touch with the cast, crew and fans to put together exciting Newsletters!

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