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We are very excited to announce the launch of our Series 2 T-Shirt and Mug! These brand new items feature many of the iconic quotes, places, items and characters from this hugely successful second series. Today, Series 2 is the one fans always remember and talk about, and we have combined all of that magic into one fantastic T-Shirt and Mug! The Fansite ran a competition to find fans favourite Quote, Character , Location and Item from Series 2, and did they! Thousands of entries were received via Social Media and the Fansite, and we picked some of the very...

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Our latest exclusively designed T-Shirt is now in the shop! The Barry Taylor Signature Series T-Shirt, inspired by fans! We asked them to vote for 'Barry's Ultimate Quote', and that's right "Would You Like To Come Back To Our Hut" won by a huge majority, taking in almost 70% of the votes.

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Just this month a fan got in touch from Australia, proudly wearing his Classic White T-Shirt on the Gold Coast!

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